Open Call for Articles

The Albanian Law Journal will publish analytical articles dealing with a variety of disciplines focused on law and policy. The Law Journal will be organized in 4 main thematic sections: A) Albanian Legislation; B) Practical and Administrative Cases; C) Human Rights; and D) European Union and Integration. High quality articles covering one particular topic for each thematic section will be selected and published on each Issue of the Journal.

Authors are advised to adapt their article to one of the 4 thematic sections.

The Albanian Law Journal intends to be as inclusive as possible. Therefore there are no stringent requirements for authors as long as quality requirements of the Articles are met. Yet the author should fulfil these requirements:

-The author should at least have obtained the first level of university degree.

-Authors bearing academic titles and important expertise in the field object of the article will be considered with priority.

-Each author submitting an article should provide a short bio of max 150 words describing his/her academic and professional background.

-The submitted Article is original work and contains all the references and citations.

-The length of article should vary from 2 500 – 3 000 words.

Please read the additional information on the selection criteria for articles, in the Authors Guidlines, available here. We strongly suggest you to submit your manuscript (idea + abstract) electronically through our official e-mail: [email protected]

We encourage articles that:

  • contribute to knowledge about legal matters in Albanian and EU level
  • develop and advance in better shaping the legal framework of specific sectors
  • provide academic research, as well as applied knowledge  based on exercising concrete legal practices
  • help in creating a legal scholarship which is both qualitative and useful.

We hope you will consider submitting your article to the Albanian Law Journal and welcome any idea, suggestion or further cooperation.



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