Kejsi Ziu

Kejsi Ziu has completed her Bachelor degree (BSc.) in Law 2015 from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, with excellent academic achievements. During the period of 2015-2017, she completed her Master studies, obtaining a Master of Science (MSc.) degree in the field of Civil Law. During 2016-2017, she attended Radboud University in the Netherlands, graduating with a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree in European Law. She specialized in EU Business Law, focusing especially on EU Competition Law and EU Company Law. Her previous professional experiences include working at the Prime Minister’s Office in Albania, at the OSCE Presence in Albania and at various NGOs in the country. She currently works as a Project Coordinator, at regional level, at the Center for Legal Civic Initiatives and as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences, lecturing on European integration. She has also authored several articles and papers regarding the Albania's perspective to joining the European Union, published in the country and abroad.

Her Contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 6 - European Union and IntegrationThe Next EU Enlargement “Wave” in the Western Balkans: The case of Albania

Dorina Ndreka

Dorina Ndreka is a full time lecturer at the Department of Justice at the “Aleksandër Moisiu” University of Durrës since 2009. She graduated as a lawyer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana and then in 2009 she concluded her master’s in European Studies at the University of Tirana. Her PhD thesis was “The impact of the European Law on the development of Public International Law. Since 2005 she has been actively working as a lawyer in civil and administrative law matters. She has a vast experience in the field of Legal Issues and Judicial Expertise Counseling. She participates in a large number of national and international scientific conferences and also has published a variety of scientific articles in scientific journals in Albania and abroad. Mrs. Ndreka has also written several scientific papers on various issues such as EU security policies, Crime's Civil Compensation, International Law Standards on Labour Law etc.

Her Contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 5 - Practical & Administrative Cases: The Civil Compensation of Criminal Acts in Albania

Klodiana Beshku

Klodiana Beshku is a lecturer at the Department of Political Sciences, University of Tirana since 2008. She was the Head of this Department from 2014 2015 and Adviser at the Cabinet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through LEAD Albania Program from 2015 to 2016. She has been chief of different courses, for example: Geopolitics (with a special focus on the Region of the Western Balkans and the relationship of EU-US-Russia with the region), Theories of Regional Relations and Security, New Social Movements, Politics and Society in the Southern-Eastern Europe, Central Regional and Local Governance (with a special focus on Europeanization, regionalism and federalism) etc. She is a Phd in Geopolitics at the University of Pisa, Italy, graduated in 2011 with the thesis: “The role of the European Community in the dissolution of Ex-Yugoslavia. The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina”. She has a Master Degree in European Studies “The process of Building Europe”, given in joint action by University of Siena and University Robert Schuman III of Strasbourg, earned  in 2005. Since September 2011, she is Chief Editor of the Scientific Journal “Politikja” and co-editor of the volume “Albania and Europe in a Political Regard”, published with Cambridge Scholar Publishing in 2013.

Her Contributions to ALJ: 

Issue 5 - European Union and Integration: The European Union’s Normative Role in the Dissolution of the Ex-Yugoslavia: An Underestimated Contribution

Mandrit Kamolli

Mandrit Kamolli is a young professional in the field of human rights currently working as project assistant at National Democratic Institute (NDI) Albania focusing mainly in transparency of political party financing and election related activities. Previously, he has been engaged with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, OSCE/ODHIR and Albanian Education Foundation. Mandrit has studied law in Albania and holds a joint master degree in Human Rights and Democratization from European Inter-University Centre and University of Nottingham. 
His Contributions to ALJ: 
Issue 6 - Albanian Legislation: The Importance of Regulation and Enforcement for Political Party Financial Transparency in Albania

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