Consumer Protection in Albania

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The concept of consumer protection is relatively new in Albania. The first consumer protection association was established in 15 March 1990, on the international day of consumers’ protection, in a time period coinciding with the start of political changes in Albania, but well before the institutionalisation of consumer protection policies. By signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement in 2006, our country committed among other things, to harmonize the Albanian legislation with the acquis communautaire and to cooperate in harmonising Albanian consumer protection standards to the European ones. This article aims to provide an overview of the development and prospects of consumer protection policies in the Republic of Albania. More concretely, it will refer to the historic evolution of the concept of consumer protection after the 1990s; to the creation and formalisation of the consumer protection associations; codification of primary and secondary legislation in the area of consumer protection in the Republic of Albania; and to the interaction of other institutions, such as the competition authority and associations focusing on consumer protection.

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