Discussion Session in Tirana about Albanian Law Journal and Blog on Justice Reform

In the framework of Albanian Law Journal, another activity took place at the Social Sciences Faculty of University of Tirana, conducted in cooperation with the department of Political Sciences on June 14th, 2018. The focus of this activity was not only to introduce the Albanian Law Journal, but also to discuss and present one of the novelties of this Journal, which is the Justice Reform Blog.

Ms. Nirvana Deliu, Policy Researcher at EMA and member of the Albanian Law Journal team, made a presentation of the journal, its main objectives, and its most recent developments until now. Currently, there are 6 published editions of the journal involving Legal Albanian themes that could affect the entire spectrum of legal developments and institutional framework in the country, taking into account more sensitive and popular issues. The Albanian Law Journal, according to Ms. Deliu, aims to be inclusive, where everyone can be a reader and contributor to it. While lawyers and other law experts remain the target audience, the Journal aims to include other groups of interest and political science researchers. An opportunity of involvement, said Ms. Deliu, is pillar IV of ALJ, a field that is equally studied and has the maximum interest of the new researchers, both professors and students of political and social sciences. She underlined that in this column, many of the articles and authors are not from the legal background, a good example is the involvement of lecturer Klodiana Beshku, as one of the authors of 5th issue of ALJ. The issues of the journal, finished Nirvana, are comprehensive and offered in two languages. Non-Albanian speaking researchers with particular interest in the development of our country whether may contribute with their articles in English, or have the opportunity to get informed by reading ALJ in English.

Ms. Deliu’s discussion was followed by the words of Ms. Klodiana Beshku, lecturer at the Department of Political Sciences, where she mostly discussed her experience with the Albanian Law Journal by explaining the entire process of application up to the publication of the article. According to her, the added values to publish the article in this magazine are many. Not only is there a monetary reward that motivates and encourages the authors to become more involved, different from other cases when there is also an additional cost to the authors. Another novelty is the translation of the article in the other language, from the legal interpreters of ALJ. Ms. Beshku, among other things, assessed as positive the entire revision process and cooperation with the editor in chief. She encouraged all participants to be involved, both as insightful reader and also as authors.

An interesting topic that raised quite a bit of debate was the Justice Reform Blog, presented by lawyer Olesia Dosti, Program Manager at the Institute for Policy and Law. Olesia gave a short introduction on the purpose of the Blog and the selection of its topics, with a focus on Justice Reform. She pointed to the need for a more in-depth analysis and detailed process, not only on vetting but also on the changes and developments of legal issues or the establishment of new institutions. She also pointed out that the blog is updated consistently with developments and changes that occur, as ALJ experts consistently monitor the justice reform process. She also invited participants to be engaged not only by reading and being informed, but also by making comments, questions or suggestions in the space dedicated for them after each publication and posting made on the blog. She also pointed out that the articles posted on the blog, even though delivered by legal experts, have a simple language and clear to all. The fact of the matter is that the blog is a good opportunity for everyone to get accurate and reliable information in relation to the Reform.

After this, an open discussion with a series of questions was held with the participants. Many of them offered suggestions for topics and areas that could be included in the blog, as suggested an article about the members of the Independent Qualification Commission, the procedure of their selection and evaluation and/or possibility to analyze the objective independence of this Commission. The questions of participants were generally about the opportunities for involvement in the ALJ and the vetting process.

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